I Found Card Games Here:List of gaming sites, blogs, youtube channles etc.

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    So I posted this on another young tcgs board a bit earlier today in response to the developers asking for popular gaming sites to contact and thought I would share it here. I am sure Dusk of Dawn already has a handle on alot of the top gaming sites to go through to advertise and promote the game but a few are bound to slip through the cracks.

    http://www.alphabetagamer.com/ (How I got here btw)

    Alot of these are blogs but they all seem to get good to medium traffic up to pcgamer which is the first place I go for pc gaming reviews.

    I would say be careful because some of these guys are brutal on early access-open-beta-not yet finished products. Some can hurt your games reputation if you let them get a look to early.

    Also on the more obscure end of the curve I found this article on ccgs from a few years back in one of last places I would expect to find gaming news, reviews, etc.


    In the context of the business world online gaming and digital ccgs are relatively new and if your willing to explain your business model I am willing to bet some site would want to write an article about the industry given its growth over the last few years. Also a good spot to put your name out there if your looking for investors either today or later on down the line.

    Good luck guys,

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    Oh wow! Thank you very much.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to compose this list and sharing it with us. I will check our press list and make sure none of those are missing. We need every bit of visibility right now, so you can be pretty sure I will contact them as soon as the preview/beta server is up and running.


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    Hope it helps and I am sure there are dozens more I am missing. I know different countries tend to gravitate towards different sites/communties so there are probably even more than that.

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    I really wanted to know if the game was abandoned or if there is any forecast for the game to be released ???

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