You will probably spend most of your time in Dusk of DAWN in combat and this information is supposed to help you during your first matches.

Battles in Dusk of D.A.W.N. are lane-based. This means that most attacks are directed along a horizontal lane and usually the damage will be dealt to the first enemy card in a targeted lane. It is important to place your cards tactically, taking all their weaknesses and strengths into account. Only cards with power can be directly attacked. So make sure you have one of those in every row of the battlefield. Otherwise your corporation is open for an attack.

Every attackable card also comes with specific resistances against physical and digital damage. The hovercopter for example, is a unit with strong physical, but weak digital resistances. If you face this enemy, you should make sure to have a hacker at hand who is able to take that hovercopter down!


You will receive credits each turn, but the amount depends on certain card effects. Some cards cost a certain upkeep. Others might increase your income. The maximum number of credits you can have at any time is 100.

To play the strongest cards, you might have to save up credits for a while. But waiting for the credits to come in without any defenses can be quite dangerous. So it might be wiser to play some weaker cards first and then save up for a stronger one a bit later.


Each turn, you can spend up to five actions and most things you do in a match, cost one action. This includes

  • Attacking
  • Playing Cards
  • Using Abilities

The goal is to choose a limited number of useful moves per turn and think about the outcome instead of mindlessly activating every ability you have.