Divisions & Leveling


Every player can create a maximum of ten different decks with different strategic directions, but we wanted to offer more strategic diversity than just putting a couple of cards together. Every time you win a match, your corporation will gain experience points and advance over the course of 20 levels. With each gained level you will unlock a new division which you can assign to your deck.

Vehicle Manufacturer


Divisions offer bonuses that will be available during your entire match with a specific deck. If you as a player want to specialize in vehicle combat, you might want to unlock the “Vehicle Manufacturer” which reduces the playing costs of all vehicle cards and also bolsters their defensive capabilities by improving their resistances. If you have many expensive cards in your deck you might think about activating the division “Prosperous Corporation” and gain additional credits every turn.

Right now, there are 10 different divisions available and you will unlock all of them as soon as you reach the 10th level. The following 10 levels will unlock slightly improved versions of the already available divisions. In the future, we may add additional divisions to cater for different deck specializations and synergy effects.

Level 1-10

Level Required XP Division
1 --- Conservative Corporation (Tier I)
2 260 Tactical Power (Tier I)
3 335 Agile Corporation (Tier I)
4 440 Prosperous Corporation (Tier I)
5 575 Drone Manufacturer (Tier I)
6 740 Vehicle Manufacturer (Tier I)
7 935 Territorial Sovereignty (Tier I)
8 1160 Matrix Control (Tier I)
9 1415 Aggressive Corporation (Tier I)
10 1700 Organized Corporation (Tier I)

Level 11-20

Level Required XP Division
11 2015 Conservative Corporation (Tier II)
12 2360 Tactical Power (Tier II)
13 2735 Agile Corporation (Tier II)
14 3140 Prosperous Corporation (Tier II)
15 3575 Drone Manufacturer (Tier II)
16 4040 Vehicle Manufacturer (Tier II)
17 4535 Territorial Sovereignty (Tier II)
18 5060 Matrix Control (Tier II)
19 5615 Aggressive Corporation (Tier II)
20 6300 Organized Corporation (Tier II)