Free To Play


While many people have a negative point of view or expectations towards Free-To-Play models, we feel like we want to explain our model to you and why we went for Free-To-Play.

First and foremost, Dusk of DAWN is a browser-based game and will first be available for your browser. We will provide an app version of the game for most major tablets at a later stage, as soon as the browser version runs smoothly according to our quality standards. Now imagine a browser game where you have to pay a certain fee upfront to play the game. It is so uncommon that we would doom our own game. It’s just not working well for this type of game!

Preventing Pay-To-Win

We really don't like pay-to-win scenarios. While games that support pay-to-win can earn a tremendous amount of money, those models usually won’t work in the long run. But more importantly, we as Indies wanted to do things differently and we didn’t want to wreck our own conscience. This is why we are happy to tell you that there won’t be an exclusive premium currency. There is just one currency: Shares. You can either earn these by playing or by spending money (or a combination of both).

On top of that, you will randomly loot cards while playing a match and you can permanently call these loot drops your own. Spending money, however, will not provide sheer power. Yes, you will progress faster, but progression in Dusk of DAWN is not equivalent to power. We primarily focus providing versatility and flexibility for your decks. Also keep in mind that the deck capacity will prevent any player to create an imbalanced deck. You can read all about the capacity in our Deck Management section. In short: you can create good, valid decks using only common and uncommon cards.


If you would like to know what you can buy for shares, here is a rough overview:

  • Deck Slots
    Each player starts with three available deck slots to save additional deck setups.
  • Booster Packs
    There are four different booster packs and each has its own distribution of common, uncommon and rare cards
  • XP Booster
    Grant an experience boost for a predetermined number of matches, which will allow for faster level-ups.
  • Development Booster
    When developing new cards using the “Research & Development” feature, you can increase the success chance to 100% by spending shares.
  • Starter Packs
    These are individually themed decks that already come with a dozen of cards.


To provide you some orientation: just by playing, you will probably earn 50 to 100 shares per hour (apart from random loot drops which are also valuable). The alpha booster pack (which contains 5 common cards) costs 50 shares, so even when playing for free, you will regularly get the chance to buy a new booster pack!