Research & Development


Collecting the same cards over and over out of bad luck feels … well, bad. This is why we wanted you to be able to counter this problem of old.

Whenever you have a surplus of cards, you can disassemble these to gain research energy. This energy will enable you to craft cards of a higher rarity – and you are the one to decide which rarity you are aiming for! Just select the edition of cards and the desired rarity and you are good to go. The higher the rarity, the more research energy will be consumed and the less likely the success chance will be.

But even if the process of crafting a card fails, you will still get a random card being one grade lower than the desired rarity level. And if you are the type of person who wants to defy the odds, you can even spend shares and increase your chance of success to a whopping 100%.

With this feature, even collecting already owned cards won’t feel like bad fortune!

Research Costs & Change of Success

Rarity Energy Gain
on Development
Energy Cost
for Research

Chance of Success
on Research

Common 1 Energy --- ---
Uncommon 5 Energy 4 Energy 70 %
Rare 23 Energy 16 Energy 55 %
Epic 102 Energy 64 Energy 40 %
Legendary 448 Energy 256 Energy 25 %


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