What would a cyberpunk world be without the antiheroes we know so well from movies and books? To provide your decks in Dusk of D.A.W.N. some additional salt you will be able to create your very own "runners". These are completely individual unit cards that get more powerful with each played match and that will learn new abilities. A runner will start off with the values depicted on the right.

Each deck may only contain one runner, but on the other hand, they won't count against your deck capacity, regardless of their current overall power. When choosing a runner you can select his name, the subtype (agent, vehicle, drone, psionicist), damage type as well as its illustration! As soon as you have created a simple runner and he was able to collect experience during matches, he will eventually level up and therefore gain 2 training points each level-up. At the same time, his costs to play him will increase as well, though.

Start Values

Quality Starting Value Note
Credits 20 +2 per Level
Damage 20 Directed against the same row
Digital Resistance 1 ---
Physical Resistance 1 ---
Power 35 ---
Subtype --- Selected by the Player



The obtained training points can be spent for the following qualities:

Quality Cost (Training Points) Maximum Improvement Gain per Improvement
Power 1 --- +2
Physical Resistance 3 4 +1
Digital Resistance 3 4 +1
Damage Direction 10 1 Damage Direction changes to "Selected Row"
Damage 1 30 +1
Cost (Credits) 1 35 -2
Ability variable variable variable

Please keep in mind that a runner can level-up a maximum of 30 times and therefore you can gain up to 60 training points.


The best thing about the runners is that you can make them learn their very own abilites. This way, you can perfectly equip your deck with an interesting trick. Which abilities you may choose completely depends on the chosen subtype. A runner of the subtype "agent" for instance can spend 4 training points to learn to heal friendly units for 15 power. A psionicist on the other hand might become capable of summoning a fearsome spirit.

Each subtype will offer a multitude of abilities and you can even select up to 2 abilities per runner and combine them as you wish. There are active as well as passive abilities. A minor exception are the psionicists: they can obtain only 1 ability because of the standard-ability "meditation" which every psionicist possesses.

What are you waiting for?! Create your own loyal runner and lead him to victory!