Greenlight Status: Greenlit!

Steam Greenlight

Greenlight Status: Greenlit!

Last night another batch of games on Steam Greenlight got accepted and after being on there for only a week, we are happy to announce that me made the list.

Of course I want to take a moment to thank all of you who voted, tweeted, shared and talked about the game. The campaign went really well. Our upvote percentage was a good deal above the average for greenlit games and that is thanks to you. Trying to drum up enough interest for a game in a niche genre is always a challenge. It is tougher to be seen, but once you are seen it is easier to prevail in your genre due to less competition. We would not have gotten there so fast, if it it weren’t for all of you.

I have to admit that i still was not expecting Dusk of D.A.W.N. to be greenlit so quickly. I had planned to release a preview version for the media (and of course die-hard fans) to drum up some interest for the greenlight campaign. That step has now been taken out of the equation and I can apply that effect to our early access release. That might help a lot, because you don’t have to convince people to talk about you twice.

Almost two years ago to the day Fjord Games was founded and apparently it took us that long to pick up steam (pun intended).

We are incredibly happy and are looking forward to the next weeks and months. We will keep you updated.

– Kerozard

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