We are now on Steam Greenlight!

Conglomerate Merc

We are now on Steam Greenlight!

Dusk of D.A.W.N. just got added to Steam Greenlight and we now depend on you to make it happen!

Yes, i know… One day after the relaunch and already I am asking you to do something. I get it, it is hard…

But seriously, we really need every vote right now. It does not cost you anything, but to us it means everything. We have been dreaming of seeing one of our games on steam for years and Dusk of D.A.W.N. is the game that will make this happen if you help us. It only takes a few seconds and if you are in an incredibly giving mood, then leave a comment on the greenlight page.

I realize this might come off as begging. I rather see it as me encouraging you to do something good. Your benefit on the other hand is a bit of good karma and an opportunity to play this game in a little while.

Do the right thing: Upvote our Steam Greenlight Submission

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